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About Carolina Cruzin4Jeeps

Our Organization

Cruzin4Jeeps was created in June of 2020 out of a deep passion to serve God and to allow folks to come together to support our US Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and those in need without hinderance. 

Jennifer comes from a family of both Military and Law Enforcement and has always had a great passion to love and support her country. 

She and her husband Allen spend the majority of their free time creating ways to bring people together to create a family who together works hard to support our community and each other.  

Working alongside their AMAZING group members, together we have hosted over 150 events since 2020 that have impacted our Community, Veterans, Children in Need and Local Organizations and We Have Fun while we do it!  

We are Blessed!

Allen and Jennifer Connor 

Our Mission

To Bless Others with our Blessings. 


Foster and grow a Christian Based Community of Jeep and Vehicle owners supporting our Law Enforcement,  US Military, Small Business and those who need us. 


Ask questions. Help each other. Give feedback. Put Others Above Yourself.

Have fun, Laugh and Play.


We are family!

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