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The Event That Started it All!!!

In June of 2020...Jennifer was on Facebook and saw a post on a group page...the post was asking for "A Few Jeeps To Support a US Army Veteran's Funeral." Turns out....the veteran passed unexpectedly and had recently been to a funeral where Jeeps supported waving their flags. HE LOVED IT. The family wanted the same for him.....while Jennifer was trying to learn more details about the request....the group the post was on...deleted the event without letting the family know.

Jennifer was furious that someone would delete a request to support a veteran's funeral!!! Together with her friend Hanah...Jennifer decided to create her own group where the Jeeps could support whomever they wanted......whenever they wanted.....and no one could tell them they couldn't......And so began CC4Jeeps.

Born out of our sister group Carolina Cruise4Kids. No one who serves this country to protect our freedom should ever be ignored. The event was posted on our new group page and together we went out supported this family and honored a Veteran. and so began the start of amazing things!

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